Montenegro FlagAs all readers of Nero Wolfe know, Montenegro is his birthplace, as well as that of his boyhood friend, Marko Vukčić.

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The Wolfe Pack has had occasion to learn more about Montenegro: In 2006 Wolfe Pack members convened at Bona Fides Garden for a delicious traditional Montenegrin dinner prepared by the Montenegrin owners of the restaurant. The meal was served without any Albanian spies.

Montenegrin dancersIn 2007 Nebojsa Kaludjerovic, the US Ambassador for the newly recognized country of Montenegro spoke at the Black Orchid Assembly regarding one of Montenegro's national heros, Nero Wolfe.

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In 2010 Gayle Lynds, award-winning author and "the Queen of Internation Espionage," prresented the keynote address at the Rex Stout Banquet at Bouchercon 2010. Read the keynote, “Nero Wolfe, the Spy,"

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MAP of Expanding Montengrin Territory over Last Two Centuries

Montenegro borders 19th centry thru present