The Black Orchid Novella Award

Awardees & Publication Date in
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

Year Author Novella Title Publication Date
2019 Ted Burge "The Red Taxi" July/August 2020
2018 Mark Bruce “Minerva James & the Goddess of Justice” July/August 2019
2017 Mark Thielman “The Black Drop of Venus” July/August 2018
2016 Steve Liskow "Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma" [second time winner!] July/August 2017
2015 Mark Thielman "A Meter of Murder" July/August 2016
2014 K. B. McAbee “Dyed to Death” July/August, 2015
2013 Susan Thibadeau "The Discarded Spouse" July/August, 2014
2012 Robert Lopresti "The Red Envelope" July/August, 2013
2011 James Lincoln Warren "Inner Fire" July/August, 2012
2010 Bradley Crowther "Politics Make Dead Bedfellow" July/August, 2011
2009 Steve Liskow "The Strangle Hold" July/August, 2010
2008 Michael Nethercott "O'Nelligan's Glory"
July/August, 2009
2007 John Gregory Betancourt "Horse Pit" July/August, 2008