The Red Box -- The Play

On June 6, 2014 the first stage production of a Wolfe story premiered in St. Paul, MN. Click here to see the play's trailer, a slide show of opening night, reviews, and more.

"Easter Parade" -- The Play

On May 17, 2014 the HFD Players from the class of Cyndi Dahm in North Carolina staged the novella, "Easter Parade." Click here to see the program and some photos!

2016 Wolfe/Stout Media Fest

On December 4, 2016 and reprised on May 2, 2016, the Wolfe Pack presented a melange of clips from Rex Stout and Nero Wolfe radio, television, and movie appearances. The Meida Fest was held at historic Pete's Tavern at Gramercy Park.  Click here to see the program.

Electronic Books

Kindle, Nook, I-Pad, and others now have all of the Nero Wolfe books in electronic format. In addition, many of the non-Wolfe writings of Rex Stout, as well as books about Nero Wolfe and about Rex Stout are also available in e-book format(s).

Audio Books

Audio BooksMost of the Wolfe books are available as audio books, narrated by Michael Prichard. However, Saul Rubinek also recorded a number of Wolfe books prior to his role as Lon Cohen in the 2001-2002 A&E series, A Nero Wolfe Mystery.

Sources for purchase include:

  • Barnes & Noble (and they will deliver FREE to your local Barnes & Noble Store)
  • Amazon Audio Books carries fewer titles, but since we are an "affiliate", give them a try using the Amazon search box in the right side bar of this (or other) pages.
  • (now owned by Amazon) offers downloadable Stout books in audio format as well as a variety of electronic reader formats (Sony, I-Pod, etc.).

Nero Wolfe Produces a Record Album

OK -- So it's an '80s (audio) bootleg operation of a U2 Rock Concert using our intrepid sleuth as the label monicker.

Here are the front/back of a U2 record album under Nero Wolfe label. The album, "Into the Heart" was apparently created from an illicit recording of a concert at the London Lyceum Theater 12/20/1981.

These images were posted on e-bay, so unfortunately, they are not completely legible; that's why the transcriptions, below, contain "????" markings.

Into the Heart U2 Album back


Mixed and mastered at the "Wolfe ????" Studios
Cover Art: Archie & Goodwin
Assistant engineer: ???
Special Thanks to: ?????

Nero Wolfe Records 918 35th Street West, New York City, N.Y. 10001

Into the Heart U2 album front

Nero Wolfe Comics

Thanks to William E. Kost, we have the following information regarding Nero Wolfe comics. For details, view the full document, Nero_Wolfe_Comics.pdf.


  • Nero Wolfe appeared in a daily Comic Strip in US and Canadian newspapers from November 26, 1956 through sometime in 1957. Following are the credits:
    • Syndicated by: Columbia Features
    • Writer: John Broome (credited to Rex Stout) & Ed Herron (?)
    • Artist: Mike Roy (1956-57), Fran Matera (1957)
    • Inker: Mike Peppe (1956)
  • Nero Wolfe was also printed in Italian newspapers and in the Sunday Mirror in New Zealand (starting in 1959).
  • Two Belgian Nero Wolfe comic books were created in hardcover: Les Compaction de la Per (The League of Frightened Men) in 1990 and La Cassette Rouge (The Red Box) in 1992.
  • A British comic book series, Theo Drakd, Detective, was published for 7 issues in 1959 (?).

Nero Wolfe Stamps

The republic of San Marino, a land-locked city-state surrounded by Italy, issued a commemorative stamp set, Grandi Investigatori, in 1972 (postmark of stamps). The image of Nero Wolfe is probably Tino Buazellli, the actor who played Nero Wolfe in the 1969 Italian television production of Nero Wolfe.

Nicaragua issued a stamp featuring Rex Stout & Nero Wolfe on an anniversary of Interpol (Interpol Aniversario"). Click here to view images of the stamps: Nero_Wolfe_Stamps.pdf.