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Episodes and Their Abbreviations


Season 1:

1. The Doorbell Rang = TDR
2. Champagne for One = CfO
3. Prisoner's Base = PB
4. Eeney, Meeney, Murder, Mo = EMMM
5. Disguise for Murder = DfM
6. Door to Death = DtD
7. Christmas Party = CP
8. Over My Dead Body = OMDB

Season 2:

1. Death of a Doxy = DoaD
2. The Next Witness = TNW
3. Die Like a Dog = DLaD
4. Murder is Corny = MiC
5. Mother Hunt = MH
6. Poison a la Carte = PalC
7. Too Many Clients = TMC
8. Before I Die = BID
9. Help Wanted, Male = HWM
10. The Silent Speaker = TSS
11. Cop Killer = CK
12. Immune to Murder = ITM

Regular and Recurring Characters
—appearances and who portrayed them—

* before a character's name indicates the actor didn't play the character in every episode the actor was in,
* before a number indicates which episode the actor DID play the character.

  • Timothy Hutton as Archie Goodwin (TGS, I.1-8, II.1-12)
  • Maury Chaykin as Nero Wolfe (TGS, I.1-8, II.1-12)
  • Colin Fox as Fritz (TGS, I.1-8, II. 1, 3-11)
  • Gerry Quigley as Lon Cohen (TGS)
  • Saul Rubinek as Lon Cohen (I.1, 3-5, II.2, 5, 7)
  • R. D. Reid as Purley Stebbins (TGS, I.1-5, 7, 8, II.2-7, 9-11)
  • Saul Rubinek as Saul Panzer (TGS)
  • Conrad Dunn as Saul Panzer (I.1-8, II.1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 10)
  • Fulvio Cecere as Fred Durkin (TGS, I.1, 2, 8, II. 1, 5, 7, 10)
  • Trent McMullen as Orrie Cather (TGS, I.1, 2, 4, 5, 8, II.1, 5, 7)
  • Bill Smitrovich as Inspector Cramer (TGS, I.1-5, 7, 8, II.1-11)
  • Hrant Alianak as *Parker (TGS, I.1, *3, 6, 8, II.2, 6, 11)
  • George Plimpton as *Parker (I.4, 8, II.*1, *4, 9, 10, 12)
  • James Tolkan as *Wragg (I.*1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, II.1, 3, 5- 7, 9, *10, 11)
  • Aron Tager as *Commissioner Skinner (I.1, *2, *3, 5)
  • Ken Kramer as *Dr. Vollmer (I.*1, 2, *5, 6, II.8, 11)
  • Joe Flaherty as Dr. Vollmer (II.10)
  • David Hemline as Lewis Hewitt (I.1, 2, II.6)
  • Kari Machete as *Lily Rowan (I.2-4, *6, *7, 8, II.*1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 11)
  • Bill MacDonald as *Lt. Row cliff (I.*3, II.3, 7, *8, 10)

Although the following characters do appear in more than one book, they do not appear in more than one episode:

  • Kari Matchett played Carla Lovchen
  • Manon Von Gerkan played Sally Corbett
  • Penelope Ann Miller played Lucy Valdon
  • George Plimpton played General Carpenter

Complete List of repertory/ensemble players

(those who played in more than one episode, and, occasionally, more than one part in an episode)
Compiled by A&E board member, "Dinky Byne"

  • Gary Reineke played Denis Horan in TGS, Oliver Pitkin in PB, Mr. Leacroft in PalC, and Commissioner Hombert in TSS.
  • Beau Starr played Lips Egan in TGS, Malcolm Vedder in DfM, Lt. Noonan in DtD, Judge Corbett in TNW, and Thumbs Meeker in BID.
  • Robert Bockstael played Paul Kuffner in TGS, Timothy Quayle in TDR, Paul Schuster in CfO, DA Bowen in PB, Gregory Jett in EMMM, Kurt Bottweil in CP, G-Man Stahl in OMDB, Announcer in DoaD, Jimmy Donovan in TNW, Max Maslow in MiC, Mr. Wenger in TMC, Colonel Dickey in HW,M, Solomon Dexter in TSS, and David Leeson in ItM.
  • Elizabeth Brown played Mrs. Horan in TGS, and Madam #1 in DfM.
  • Nicky Guadagni played Angela Wright in TGS, Mrs. Althaus in TDR, Elaine Usher in CfO, Viola Duday in PB, Mrs. Perry Porter Jerome in CP, Jeanne Miltan in OMDB, Mrs. Ballou in DoaD, Alice Hart in TNW, Fabian's girl in BID, the dual role of Secretary AND Mrs. Cramer in TSS, and Tina Vardas in (T)CK.
  • Nancy Beatty played Mrs. Drossos in TGS, Mrs. Irwin in CfO, Mrs. Orwin in DfM, and Vera Imbrie in DtD.
  • Phillip Craig played James Maddox in TGS, and Gene Orwin in DfM.
  • Hrant Alianak, in addition to playing Parker, has also played Gertsner in TGS, Vincent Yarmack in TDR, Cleveland Archer in DtD, Nat Driscoll in OMDB, Coroner in TNW, Zoltan Mahaney in PalC, and Carl Vardas in (T)CK.
  • Peter Mensah played Mort Erwin in TGS, Receptionist in TDR, and Arthur the Porter in OMDB.
  • Jack Newman played Bernard Levine in TGS, and Mr. Shriner in PalC.
  • Debra Monk played Mrs. Bruner in TDR, Mrs. Carlisle in DfM, Madam Zorka in OMDB, Mrs. Yeager in TMC, and Mrs. Boone in TSS.
  • James Tolkan, in addition to playing Wragg, also played Hacket in CfO, Bernard Quest in PB, W. J. in DfM, Joseph Pitcairn in DtD, Percy Ludlow in OMDB, Avery Ballou in DoaD, Loftus Dog Expert in DLaD, Leo Bingham in (T)M(H), Adrian Dart in PalC, Benedict Aken in TMC, Ben Jensen in HWM, and Ed Grabhof in (T)CK.
  • Francie Swift played Sara Dacos in TDR, Margot Dickie in CP, Neya Tormic in OMDB, and Helen Weltz in TNW.
  • Aron Tager, in addition to playing Commissioner Skinner, also played Bernard Fromm in TDR, and Mr. Carlisle in DfM.
  • Steve Cumyn played Frank O' Dell in TDR, Cecil Grantham in CfO, Eric Hagh/Muecke in PB, Gus Treble in DtD, Ross Chafee in DLaD, Julian Haft in (T)M(H), Director # 3 in TMC, Peter Root in HWM, DA Skinner in TSS, and DA Andrew Jessel in ItM.
  • Marty Moreau played Driver in TDR, Cop in PB, Wyle in EMMM, Cop in OMDB, and Cabbie in TMC.
  • Ken Kramer, in addition to from playing Dr. Vollmer, also played Band Leader in CfO, Neil Imbrie in DtD, L. A. Schwartz in BID, and Fickler in (T)CK.
  • David Schurmann played Mr. Evers in TDR, Roberto Robolotti in CfO, Jay Buckner in PB, Miles Heydecker in EMMM, Alfred Keenan in CP, Mr. Thompson in OMDB, Leonard Ashe in TNW, Emil Kerns in PalC, Director # 2 in TMC, Frank Erskine,Sr. in TSS, and Bragan in ItM.
  • Michele Nolden played Miss Bailey in TDR, and Helen Iacono in PalC.
  • Wayne Best played Agent Morris in TDR, Albert Irby in PB, Frank Edey in EMMM, and DA Mandelbaum in TNW.
  • Howard Hoover played Handsome Man in TDR, Morton Sorell in EMMM, and Johnny Darst in TSS.
  • Boyd Banks played FBI Man in TDR, DINKY BYNE! in CfO, Skinny in DfM, Donald Pitcairn in DtD, Duncan Barrett in OMDB, Lackey in DoaD, Clyde Bagby in TNW, Willis Krug in (T)M(H), and Jimmy Kirk(!) in (T)CK.
  • Ted Ludzak played Delivery Man in TDR, and Officer in PB.
  • Marian Seldes played Louisa Robolotti in CfO, and Mrs. Pitcairn in DtD.
  • Kari Matchett, in additioin to playing Lily Rowan, also played Celia Grantahm in CfO, Sarah Jaffe in PB, Rita Sorell in EMMM, Carla Lovchen in OMDB, Julie Jacquette (AND Lily!) in DoaD, Jewel Jones in DLaD, Susan Macleod in MiC, Meg Duncan in TMC, Jane Geer in HWM, and Janet Stahl in (T)CK.
  • Alec Poch-Goldin played Edwin Landau in CfO, Victor Talento in DLaD, and Ceaser Perez in TMC.
  • Kathryn Zenna played Helen Varmis in CfO, Cynthia Brown in DfM, Pearl Fleming in TNW, and Carol Mardus in (T)M(H).
  • Christine Brubaker played Rose Tuttle in CfO, Sybil Pitcairn in DtD, Bertha Aaron in EMMM, Stella Fleming in DoaD, Bella Velardi in TNW, Julie McGee in TMC, Violet in BID, and Hattie Harding in TSS.
  • Michael Rhodes played Beverly Kent in CfO, and Detective Dykes in DtD.
  • Janine Thierault played Ethel Varr in CfO, Angela Page in EMMM, and Jill Hardy in DoaD.
  • Ron Rifkin played Perry Helmar in PB, and Nicola Miltan in OMDB.
  • Aside from playing Lt. Rowcliff, Bill McDonald has also played Richard Meegan in DLaD, Austin Hough in TMC, and Breslow in TSS.
  • Dina Barrington played Daphne O'Neil in PB, Belinda Reade in OMDB, Lucy Morgan in PalC, and Dinah Hough in TMC. - Jody Raciot played Night Man in PB, and Leo Jerome in CP.
  • George Plimpton, in addition to playing Parker, also played Lamont Otis in EMMM, John Barrett in OMDB, General Carpenter in HWM, Winterhoff in TSS, Thomas G. Yeager in TMC, and the chef in ItM.
  • Nicholas Campbell played Col. Percy Brown in DfM, and Andy Krasicki in DtD.
  • Richard Waugh played Dr. Morley in DfM, Emil Hatch in CP, Rudolph Faber in OMDB, Guy Unger in TNW, Manuel Upton in (T)M(H), Director # 1 in TMC, Major Emil Jensen in HWM, Don O' Neil in TSS, and Captain Colvin in ItM.
  • Carlo Rota played Barry Fleming in DoaD, Felix Colbet in PalC, Phillip Toracka in (T)CK, and Spiros Papps in ItM.
  • Hayley Verlyn played Isabel Kerr in DoaD, Fern Faber in PalC, and Woman in Kitchen in TMC.
  • Julian Richings played Poet in DoaD, Jerome Aland in DLaD, Peter Jay in MiC, and Alger Kates in TSS.
  • Lorca Moore played Little Indian # 7 in DoaD, Server Girl # 10 in PalC, and Square Jawed Female in TMC.
  • Angelo Tsarouchas played Cabbie in DLaD, Delbert Palmer in MiC, and Tommy the Cop in (T)CK.
  • Bruce McFee played Duncan Macleod in MiC, Warder in TSS, and Reporter in ItM.
  • Manon Von Gerkan played Sally Corbett in (T)M(H), Nina Boone in TSS, and the sluttish Adia Kelefy in ItM.
  • Shannon Jobe played Miss Mimm in (T)M(H), Server Girl # 7 in PalC, and Woman in Bathroom in TMC.
  • Lindy Booth played Peggy Choate in PalC, and Beulah Page in BID.
  • Seymour Cassel played Dazy Perit in BID, and James Arthur Ferris in ItM.
  • Doug Lennox played Fabian in BID, Inspector Ash in TSS, and Detective Wallan in (T)CK.
  • Matthew Edison played Morton Shane in BID, Frank Erskine, Jr. in TSS, and Nate the Deputy in ItM.

And that's it. A whopping 61 actors by my count that could be listed among the show's repertory. I hope you have as much fun reading this I did making it.