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Nero Wolfe Russian TV Series

(2001-2002 & 2005)
Nero Wolfe Russian TV Series CAST (for both Series):

Nero Wolfe:            Donatas Banionis
Archie Goodwin:     Sergey Zhigunov (also Producer)
Inspector Kramer:  Sergey Parshin
Fritz Brenner:         Sergey Migitzko

Series 1 Episodes (2001-2002):

The Affair With the Cap (Disguise for Murder)
Poka ya ne umer (Before I Die / Trouble in Triplicate--
Pictured to the right)
Resurrect to Die (Man Alive)
Flying Gunn (Gun with Wings)
A Voice From the Other Side (The Silent Speaker)

Russian TV Series-Season 2Series 2 Episodes (2005):
  1. A Gift for Lily (based on "Black Orchids")

  2. A Last Will of Marko (based on "Black Mountain")

  3. Too Many Women (based on "Too Many Woman")

A Mystery of Red Box (based on "The Red Box")

Teleplay written by Vladimir Valutskiy, who had written the 1980s Russian Sherlock Holmes TV series, considered to be one of Russia's all time TV classics.

Score by Vladimir Dashkevich, who also wrote the score for the Holmes series. He says he found it important for the Wolfe series to feature period music of the 1930s. Nevertheless, he "composed" the opening tune of the Wolfe series by simply playing backwards(!) his own opening tune of the Sherlock Holmes series of the 1980s. During 2001-2002, A&E and the Russians were shooting Wolfe stories in parallel, although there are no know references to either team discussing the other's efforts.


Links to pictures of Donatas Banionis:

Links to pictures of Sergey Zhigunov:
Google Images

Series 1 (2001--2002) Screen Shots:
Flying Gunn (Based on The Gun with Wings)
Margaret Mayon and Frederick Weppler
Miss James
Wolfe and Theodor in the plantrooms
Archie and Mr. James (and Cramer in the background)
The Affair with the Cap (Russian syaing means "It's a Sure Thing") (Based on Disguise for Murder)
Orchids exhibition in Wolfe's plantrooms
Miss Brown
Cramer at the door of Wolfe's dining room
Cramer and the murderer
Saul Panzer
Archie tied to chair
The murderer
Poka ya ne umer (Based on Before I Die)
Mr. Perritt
Beulah Paige and Morton Shane
Archie in action
Mr. Perritt's lawyer
A Voice From the Other Side (Based on The Silent Speaker)
Mr. Erskin
Archie during his boxing training
Wolfe is slapping Inspector Ashe
Dr. Volmer and Wolfe
O'Neil and Keits
Resurrect to Die (Based on Man Alive)
Miss Neider
Mr. Daumery

Series 2 (2005) Screen Shots:
A Gift for Lily
- Archie in front of Wolfe's car
- Wolfe is looking at black orchid
- Lewis Hewitt in front of black orchid
- Inspector Cramer
- Wolfe and Archie at Wolfe's office
- Orders for arrest of Nero Wolfe, Archie and Lewis Hewitt at Wolfe's desk (and Cramer's hand)
Too Many Women

- Wolfe and Archie in plant rooms
- Archie
- Fritz and Archie
- Archie and Lily are dancing at Flamingo
Last Will of Marko (Black Mountain)
- Marko Vukcic
- Pashic is murdering Marko Vukcic
- Wolfe is putting golden coins on Marko's eyes
- Wolfe, Goodwin and Cramer are dining at Wolfe's
- Cramer at his office
- Fritz
- Wolfe and Goodwin close to Montenegrin coast
A Mystery of the Red Box (The Red Box)
- Girls are eating sweets
- Llewellyn Frost
- Cramer, Stebbins and Goodwin
- Boyd McNaire
- Mrs. Frost
- Wolfe with the red box

Series 1 Screen Captures and fan page

A Russian fan's homepage at includes links to screen captures from Series One:

Wolfe at his desk
A highly suspicious-looking picture with Wolfe and a young lady -- might actually be a picture from the set, rather than a movie scene
The Russian New York
Archie at his desk
Archie in action
A very Russian-looking Archie (well, it's Professor Zhigunov) at Rusterman's, I suppose


The Gun with Wings

Disguise for Murder
(Russian: The Affair With the Cap)

Man Alive!
Russian (c.): Resurrect to Die

The Silent Speaker
(Russian: A Voice From the Other Side)
Russian Nero Wolfe Series in Chinese slip case
Russian TV Series in Chinese
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