1. Archie claims Wolfe weighs how much?

  2. What year was the first Nero Wolfe book published?

  3. What items are missing from the office in the first book?

  4. What is Fred Durkin's wife's name?

  5. The old brownstone is located less than a block from where?

  6. Wolfe has already occupied it for how many years?

  7. How much of that time has Archie been there?

  8. Who are the Joy Boys?

  9. What color are Wolfe's shirts?

  10. Where is Wolfe's mother?

  11. What is Fritz's only colloquial expression?

  12. What is a fer-de-lance?

  13. What is one of Wolfe's little-used presents to Archie?

  14. Where does Wolfe say he will go should he decide to withdraw from responsibilities?

  15. Name two familiar acquaintances who are know by other names in the first book.

  16. How many drawers does Wolfe's desk have?

Quiz Answers

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