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Submissions to the Gazette are encouraged. We publish non-fiction, Wolfe Whistles, Letters to the Brownstone, quizzes, games, essays, interviews, pastiches, and poetry. Submissions of any length up to and including 2,500 words are accepted. Please email submissions to

As Wolfe readers know, Lon Cohen was the editor or managing editor of The Gazette with whom Wolfe had a"cozy" relationship. According to the New York State Library site regarding "The Early History of Newspaper Publishing in New York State:"

The New-York Gazette was first issued November 8, 1725,
marking the beginning of newspaper publishing in the state.

Regarding Address Changes

It has been the Wolfe Pack’s policy to resend Gazettes returned by the USPS because the member has moved. This courtesy costs the Pack membership approximately $4 per returned Gazette. The rising cost of postage has made the cost of this courtesy prohibitive and we must discontinue the practice. We don’t want you to miss an issue and we know you don’t want to miss one either.

WHEN YOU MOVE, please notify THE WOLFE PACK, PO Box 230822, Ansonia Station, New York, NY 10023 or Webmaster@NEROWOLFE.ORG.

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The Gazette The Journal of The Wolfe PackFrom the Spring, 2012, Special Edition/Green Bag Almanac & Reader:

Firecrackers (the story of when Wolfe & Archie meet) by Charles Burns (1991):


The Gazette's 2011 Writing Contest Winners

(Winning articles available for reading)

Entries to the contest had a direct relation to the world of Nero Wolfe. Submission categories included pastiche, humorous, the world of Nero Wolfe, and a Nero Wolfe scene written in the style of another author. Winners were selected from each category with the exception of "Nero Wolfe scene written in the style of another author" because insufficient entries were received to select a winner. The winning entries, as well as some honorable mentions, were published in The Gazette: The Journal of the Wolfe Pack.

The winners:

Kevin Lambert, Washington, DC, for Dead Poet on MacDougal Street. In this pastiche Mr. Wolfe takes a beatnik for a client, and the Beat Generation invades Wolfe's Brownstone on West 35th Street in New York City.
David A. Appling, Morgan Hill, CA, for The Third Brother: An Exercise in Higher Criticism. In this humorous essay, Mr. Appling makes a strong case that author Dorothy Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey has a brother living in Mr. Wolfe's Brownstone.

Mary Shen Barnidge, Chicago, IL, for The Hunt for the Missing Mrs. Panzer. The question of whether Mr. Wolfe's most gifted operative is single or married is addressed in this article by Ms. Shen Barnidge.

Stephen C. Jett, Abingdon, VA, for The Rugs of Nero Wolfe et al.. This meticulously-researched treatise delves into the world of Oriental rugs to explore the history and value of Mr. Wolfe's collection as well as those rugs that appear in Rex Stout's non-Nero Wolfe books.

Click here to see the News Release for the writing contest.