1. What did Wolfe do at the morgue?  
2. What was unusual about Wolfe's visit there?  
3. What characters (non-employees) from earlier books recur?

In what books were they mentioned?
4. Calls from what three foreigners prompt Wolfe to travel?

Where are the foreigners located?
5. What papers does Archie get out to take to Washington, DC?  
6. What meal does Wolfe miss to expedite his trip to Washington?  
7. What object does Archie insist on bringing with him on the trip that he uses in Albania?  
8. How many planes does Wolfe take and what are the routes?  
9. Meals on the trip: Where were they, who prepared them, and what were they?  
10. How many times does Wolfe claim to have crossed the Adriatic Sea?  
11. Whose poem is addressed to Tsernagara (the Black Mountain)  
12. What is the name of the freedom fighters?  
13. What did Danillo do to Jubé  
14. What two Montenegrin phrases did AG include in the narrative, what were the translations of each, and who said them to whom?  
15. What personas does Wolfe invent for his and AG's foray into Montenegro?  
16. What childhood haunts of NW did Archie get to see?  
17. What contemporary American (contemporary to the 1954 setting of the book) does Wolfe include in a list of dictators?  
18. Where is Wolfe shot?  
19. What important piece of evidence against Marko's murderer does Wolfe bring back from Montenegro?  
20. Name the three less-than-optimal places where Wolfe and Archie slept on their trip.  
21. What did Archie and Wolfe take with them from the Bari jail cell?  

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