1. What did Wolfe do at the Morgue? Put dinars on Marko's eyes.
2. What was unusual about Wolfe's visit there? He did not know where it was and it was “First and only time Nero Wolfe had ever seen the inside of the morgue.”
3. What characters (non-employees) from earlier books recur?

In what books were they mentioned?
  1. Stahl (FBI): Doorbell Rang
  2. Sue Dondero (Secretary to Emmett Phelps at Corrigan, Phelps, Kustin & Briggs law firm): Murder by the Book
  3. Priscilla Eads (used the South Room which Stahl searches): Prisoner's Base
  4. Carla  Lovchen Britton (Wolfe's adopted daughter): Over My Dead Body
  5. Marko Vukcic (Wolfe's boyhood friend and owner of Rusterman's Restaurant):
Too Many Cooks
Not Quite Dead Enough
Omit Flowers
And Be a Villain
In The Best Families
Murder by the Book
The Black Mountain
Fourth of July Picnic
Plot it Yourself
Poison a la Carte
Murder is Corny
Please Pass the Guilt
A Family Affair
4. Calls from what three foreigners prompt Wolfe to travel?

Where are the foreigners located?
  1. Geoffrey Hitchcock, London, England
  2. Bodin, Paris
  3. Telesio, Bari, Italy
5. What papers does Archie get out to take to Washington, DC? Wolfe's Naturalization papers and Archie's birth certificate
6. What meal does Wolfe miss to expedite his trip to Washington? Shad Roe Mousse Pocahontas
7. What object does Archie insist on bringing with him on the trip that he uses in Albania? Marley 32 with 2 boxes of cartridges
8. How many planes does Wolfe take and what are the routes?
  1. NYC to DC shuttle
  2. DC to NYC shuttle
  3. NYC to London
  4. London to Rome
  5. Rome to Bari
  6. Bari to Rome
9. Meals on the trip: Where were they, who prepared them, and what were they?
  1. Where: Bari -- Telesio's friend's
    What: pasta [(tagliarini) with anchovies, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper, fresh sweet basil and parsley, Romano cheese from a hole in the ground]
    Who: Wolfe.
  2. Where: Farm outside of Rijeck
    : Eggs (with dark bread and cherry jam)
    Who: Farmer's wife
  3. Where: Titograd (Podgorica) at Danillo Vukcic's
    : Lamb stew (and homemade bread, apple butter, radishes, coffee)
    Who: Meta Vukcic
  4. Where: Stretar's Office
    : meat & cheese, bread and raisins
    Who: Stretar sent out for it.
  5. Where: Bari -- Telesio's friend's
    : mushroom soup, spaghetti and cheese, wine]
    : Telesio
10. How many times does Wolfe claim to have crossed the Adriatic Sea? 80
11. Whose poem is addressed to Tsernagara (the Black Mountain) Alfred Lord Tennyson
12. What is the name of the freedom fighters? The Spirit of the Black Mountain
13. What did Danillo do to Jubé Had him killed and disposed of his finger in the stove.
14. What two Montenegrin phrases did AG include in the narrative, what were the translations of each, and who said them to whom? Farmer's Daughter to AG:  “Sretan put” = Happy Going! Danillo Vukcic to NW: “Boga Ti” = Good God
15. What personas does Wolfe invent for his and AG's foray into Montenegro? Tony Stara from Galichnick with his American-born son, Alex from Philadelphia
16. What childhood haunts of NW did Archie get to see?
  1. stone house where Wolfe was born
  2. River where Marko and NW caught trout (the Cijevna)
  3. Old Roman fort in Albania where Wolfe killed bats
  4. Cave that the young Nero and Marko explored
17. What contemporary American (contemporary to the 1954 setting of the book) does Wolfe include in a list of dictators? “That was the doctrine of Hitler. And now it is the doctrine of Malenkov and Tito, and Franco and Senator McCarthy.”
18. Where is Wolfe shot? In the left leg of his pants 10” above the knee.
19. What important piece of evidence against Marko's murderer does Wolfe bring back from Montenegro? The luger
20. Name the three less-than-optimal places where Wolfe and Archie slept on their trip.
  1. haystack
  2. deep freeze cave
  3. jail cell in Bari with 2 cots already occupied by 50,000 others (20,000 fleas, 20,000 bed bugs, 10,000 that Archie never found out what they were).
21. What did Archie and Wolfe take with them from the Bari jail cell? Some of the 50,000 other occupants of the cots.

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