An integral part of the plot in Before Midnight is a contest to identify 20 women in history who used cosmetics. The clues were in verse form and each week contestants had to submit an answer before midnight of a specific date. Since the Wolfe Pack's Book Discussion on September 20, 2010 was focuses on Before Midnight, we decided to hold our own contest to identify 24 women who appear in the Corpus, using clues also presented in verse form.

The following clues were written by Jonathan Levine (at times channeling the spirit of Henry Enberg) and edited by Ira Matetsky and Ellen Krieger. The clues are in couplet form (and yes, many do not scan). The clues may refer to the lady's name (first or last) or to an event or incident with which she is identified. Some of the women are well-known and play an important part in the story, while others are minor characters and may be considered obscure. The women might be villains or victims, or tangential to the plot. More than one character may be used from the same story, but, no women, is the answer to more than one question. Entries in this contest were submitted by regular mail or e-mail.

1 Erin's son had a daughter
 He made his fortune from toilet water
2 This chitlin-eatin' southern belle
 Didn't try to send her employer to hell
3 In the Village she would sing and dance
 But never put seltzer down your pants
4 A swamp-woman of the first order
 she was the perfect chef's daughter
5 It's "rite all kite"
 I can drink ginger ale all night
6 Her name sounds like an herb;
 She liked the city not the 'burb
7 For Bruner Realty she did work;
 She shot a man, but he was a jerk 
8 In a box of osmundine she did hide,
 With an elastic throng at her side
9 She was a beautiful Hebe,
 A killer, so not as sainted as Phoebe 
10 Harvey's daughter had a kid
 She wouldn't say but we know what they did
11 An all-female board? It may sound silly,
 But to her, it was not willy or nilly 
12 The spotted tie did her in;
 Alas, she wasn't guilty of a mortal sin
13 Summers on the shore she would reside
 With a child who seldom cried
141 Lily found a hot new star,
 Who asked Archie for help from near, not afar
51 A 45-caliber private eye,
 With legs that went up to her thigh.
6 Pretty Peggy, where do you dwell?
 In soggy Glendale, which to Archie is hell
17 With an emery board she was quite good,
 But her accent she was hardly understood
18 Ardently, on that frosty morn,
 She killed a man to whom a daughter was born 
19 Neither Violet, Angelina or Sally was her real name;
 She had a boy friend but he was a shame
20 Not the daughter of WW II (and the Red Cross's) General Al,
 She did not consider Archie a bosom buddy or pal
21 On the screen, Marlon yelled your name,
 Ensuring an everlasting fame
22 An Italian secretary with black hair on her head,
 You got the impression she would be good in bed
23 This blonde beauty was not a wheel,
 But to Archie she was a big deal
24 For a strong man she did pine,
 Hinting at sex from a position supine

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