1 Erin's son had a daughter
He made his fortune from toilet water
1. Lily Rowan
2 This chitlin-eatin' southern belle
Didn't try to send her employer to hell
2. Maryella Timms (Cordially Invited to Death)
3 In the Village she would sing and dance
But never put seltzer down your pants
3. Julie Jacquetta (Death of a Doxy. Entertainer at the 10 Little Indians) Extra credit for also naming Amy Jackson
4 A swamp-woman of the first order
she was the perfect chef's daughter
4. Dina Lazio (Too Many Cooks. Archie describes her a swamp woman)
5 It's "rite all kite"
I can drink ginger ale all night
5. Constanza Berin (Too Many Cooks. Barry Tolman gets tongue tied when she spills a drink on him)
6 Her name sounds like an herb;
She liked the city not the 'burb
6. Hattie Annis (Counterfeit for Murder. Anise is an herb) I will also accept Rita Sorrell
7 For Bruner Realty she did work;
She shot a man, but he was a jerk 
7. Sarah Dacos (The Doorbell Rang)
8 In a box of osmundine she did hide,
With an elastic throng at her side
8. Clara Fox (Rubber Band. Wolfe hides her from the police in a box of osmundine)
9 She was a beautiful Hebe,
A killer, so not as sainted as Phoebe 
9. Carol Annis (Poison à la Carte. The murderer at the 10 for Aristology dinner)
10 Harvey's daughter had a kid
She wouldn't say but we know what they did
10. Alma Greve (Death of a Dude. Daughter of Harvey who work worked for Lily )
11 An all-female board? It may sound silly,
But to her, it was not willy or nilly 
11. Priscilla Eads (Prisoner's Base.) She wanted an all female Board of Directors when she would gain control of the Softdown.
12 The spotted tie did her in;
Alas, she wasn't guilty of a mortal sin
12. Bertha Aaron (Eeny Meeny Murder Mo. The victim who was strangled with Wolfe's tie)
13 Summers on the shore she would reside
 With a child who seldom cried
13. Lucy Valdon (The M other Hunt)
14 Lily found a hot new star,
Who asked Archie for help from near, not afar
14. (Amy Denovo. The Father Hunt. Nova is a star and she asked Archie for help)
15 A 45-caliber private eye,
With legs that went up to her thigh.
15. Sally Colt. (Too Many Detectives.)
16 Pretty Peggy, where do you dwell?  
In soggy Glendale, which to Archie is hell.
16. Peggy Potter (Murder by the Book. Leonard Dykes' sister who lives in Glendale, CA. Archie visits her)
17 With an emery board she was quite good,
But her accent she was hardly understood
17. Tina Vargas. Cop Killer. (She is the manicurist at the barber shop)
18 Ardently, on that frosty morn,
she killed a man to whom a daughter was born 
18. Calida Frost. (The Red Box. The killer. Wolfe says that Calida is French for ardently)
19 Neither Violet, Angelina or Sally was her real name;
she had a boy friend but he was a shame
19. Beulah Page (Before I Die. Her father, Dazy Perrit ha hired a woman to pretend to be his daughter. Her name was either Violet, Angelina or Sally. The killer was Beulah's finance Morton Shane)
20 Not the daughter of WW II (and the Red Cross's) General Al,  
She did not consider Archie a bosom buddy or pal
20. Phoebe Gunter (Silent Speaker. Alfred Maximilian Gruenther was a famous general in the US Army in WW II and then president of the American Red Cross)
21 On the screen, Marlon yelled your name,
Ensuring an everlasting fame
21. Stella Fleming (Doxy. Brando yelled Stella in Streetcar Named Desire)
22 An Italian secretary with black hair on her head,
you got the impression she would be good in bed
22. Rosa Bendini (Too Many Women.)
23 This blonde beauty was not a wheel,
But to Archie she was a big deal
23. Gwynne Ferris (Too Many Women Think Ferris Wheel)
24 For a strong man she did pine,
Hinting at sex from a position supine
24. Cecily Pine (Too Many Women. She had a boy toy and hinted that Archie could be another)

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