All the questions refer a Nero Wolfe title (novel, short story or anthology title)

1. An appetizer for Hannibal Lecter                                                       
2. A flying Charles Emerson  
3. A long wooden weapon  
4. What Sarah Palin might say about The Democratic Party's philosophy on murder  
5. A present for Putin or Lenin  
6. Prom Orchids  
7. What the polite student said to his archeology professor  
8. A situation when lawyers do not collect much in fees.  
9. The last drop of Fernet Branca  
10. Gloves  
11. RSVP  
12. Burgess, Phiby, McLean  
13. Marcel Marceau  
14. What Frank Sinatra, Mickey Rooney and Larry King had in common?  
15. What is no longer allowed in a classified advertisement  
16. The end of act I of Hamlet  
17. Visiting the priest once again  
18. What to do for a Orthodox Jewish funeral  
19. The Tiger or the Lady?  
20. The Astors, Vanderbilts, and the Roosevelts  
21. A single shot  
22. Two Brooklynites plotting to kill a fellow borough resident  
23. A cell  
24. What Donald Trump said to his interior decorator?  
25. Billy Barty in a tuxedo  
26. Found at Victoria's Secret  
27. A 187 ml bottle of Dom Pérignon  
28. Woody and Soon-Yi?  
29. A, AB, B, O  

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