All the questions refer to a Nero Wolfe title (novel, short story or anthology title)

1. An appetizer for Hannibal Lecter Gambit    [Gam is slang for leg]
2. A flying Charles Emerson "The Gun with wings"   [Charles Emerson Winchester was a character in M*A*S*H -- A flying gun]
3. A long wooden weapon Fer De Lance  [A lance made of a fir]
4. What Sarah Palin might say about The Democratic Party's philosophy on murder "Kill Now Pay later
5. A present for Putin or Lenin The Red Box
6. Prom Orchids "Corsage"
7. What the polite student said to his archeology professor Some Buried Caesar  [Read as "Some Buried Sea Sir"]
8. A situation when lawyers do not collect much in fees. Where There's a Will 
9. The last drop of Fernet Branca "Bitter End"
10. Gloves "Black Orchids"  [ Read as "Black Or Kid"]
11. RSVP "Cordially Invited to Meet Death"
12. Burgess, Phiby, McLean Trio for Blunt Instruments  [Anthony Blount was the master spy and Philby. Burgess and McLean reported to him]
13. Marcel Marceau Silent Speaker
14. What Frank Sinatra, Mickey Rooney and Larry King had in common? Too Many Women
15. What is no longer allowed in a classified advertisement "Help Wanted Male"
16. The end of act I of Hamlet And Four to Go  [There are 5 acts in Hamlet]
17. Visiting the priest once again Second Confession
18. What to do for a Orthodox Jewish funeral "Omit Flowers"
19. The Tiger or the Lady? "Door to Death"  [From the conundrum, The lady or the Tiger]
20. The Astors, Vanderbilts, and the Roosevelts In The Best Families
21. A single shot "Bullet for One"
22. Two Brooklynites plotting to kill a fellow borough resident "Disguise for Murder"  [Read as "Dis Guy's for Moider"]
23. A cell Prisoner's Base
24. What Donald Trump said to his interior decorator? " Please Pass the Guilt"
25. Billy Barty in a tuxedo "The Squirt and the Money"  [Billy Barty was a short actor]
26. Found at Victoria's Secret " Booby Trap"
27. A 187 ml bottle of Dom Pérignon Champagne for One
28. Woody and Soon-Yi?  A Family Affair
29. A, AB, B, O "Blood Will Tell"

Quiz Answers