1. According to Please Pass the Guilt, Fritz prepares shad roe creole using _________ instead of onion, and no cayenne.
  2. Also ________, not sherry.
  3. Later in the same novel, with Fritz away for the day, Wolfe and Archie enjoy a Sunday shad roe lunch prepared by _______________.
  4. Although most of the shad roe in the Corpus is enjoyed at Mr. Wolfe's table, in Too Many Women (1947), Archie takes Gwynne Ferris to Frisbie's, where a lunch of shad roe and avocado salad costs ___________.
  5. A Werowance (but not this one) might enjoy shad roe mousse ____________. 
  6. Because he has accepted Mrs. Robilotti's invitation to dinner, Archie must miss an appetizer of shad roe spread with ________________.
  7. This spice is often found in the shad roe served at Wolfe's table, but in other contexts, Wolfe almost always says “no _____________.”
  8. Three more herbs and spices frequently found on shad roe chez Wolfe:  ___________, __________, and _______________.
  9. One of Les Quinze Maitres asked for more shad roe mousse; Wolfe observes that they don't have shad roe _______________.
  10. Archie enjoys his share of shad roe, but still, every spring sooner or later he gets so fed up with it that he wishes to heaven that ____________________.

Answers to Shad Roe Quiz

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