1. According to Please Pass the Guilt, Fritz prepares shad roe creole using SHALLOTS instead of onion, and no cayenne.
  2. Also CHABLIS., not sherry.
  3. Later in the same novel, with Fritz away for the day, Wolfe and Archie enjoy a Sunday shad roe lunch prepared by MR. WOLFE..
  4. Although most of the shad roe in the Corpus is enjoyed at Mr. Wolfe's table, in Too Many Women (1947), Archie takes Gwynne Ferris to Frisbie's, where a lunch of shad roe and avocado salad costs three dollars..
  5. A Werowance (but not this one) might enjoy shad roe mousse Pocahontas..
  6. Because he has accepted Mrs. Robilotti's invitation to dinner, Archie must miss an appetizer of shad roe spread with anchovy butter.
  7. This spice is often found in the shad roe served at Wolfe's table, but in other contexts, Wolfe almost always says “no bay leaf.”
  8. Three more herbs and spices frequently found on shad roe chez Wolfe:  PARSLEY, CHERVIL, MARJORAM, THYME, OREGANO (depending on the preparation, choices include).
  9. One of Les Quinze Maitres asked for more shad roe mousse; Wolfe observes that they don't have shad roe in Europe.
  10. Archie enjoys his share of shad roe, but still, every spring sooner or later he gets so fed up with it that he wishes to heaven that fish could figure out some other way.

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