1. Nero Wolfe went to a cocktail party disguised as a famous man.
    • What did he wear?
    • What did he do at the party?
    • Why did he go?
  2. "I will not say that to him a woman was more important than a sauce - he could not be accused of ever neglecting a sauce - but he had a warm eye for women." Who has a warm eye?
  3. This man's wife and children disappeared. He never asked Wolfe to find them. He didn't even seem to notice they were gone!
  4. The orchid nurse.
  5. She died a violent death within sight of the mountain.
  6. Where are Nero Wolfe's houses?
  7. When he is astonished he may say "Jesus H. Moses!" I hate to tell you this, but he puts vinegar on things.
  8. "The man about the chair. " He always sits in the red chair.
  9. He has a sneaking suspicion that Archie might have made a good cop. He never sits in the red chair.
  10. You think Wolfe doesn't like women? Why, he reeked of her perfume!
  11. "His is the only desk in a room about nine by twelve, and that's just as well because otherwise there would be no place for his feet, which are also about nine by twelve."
  12. What is Dol Bonner's first name?
  13. How did Lily Rowan's father make his fortune?
  14. He is a successful author but I've never seen him write. He seems to have no dealings with his agent, publishers or editors, or to do any book promotion. As far as I know no articles appear about him in connection with his writings. He doesn't even seem to get royalties!
  15. He is the only person except Marko who ever diverted a woman's attention from Archie.
  16. "Clarence and Merton and Isabel and Melinda and Patricia …Well….I guess I told you the most important ones. The others are just tots." Who are they?
  17. Nero Wolfe's favorite jogging partner.
  18. Archie's bete noire. If and when Archie is offered a choice of going to heaven or hell, he'll merely ask, "Where's______________?"
  19. What pets live in the old brownstone?He was a wonderful help to Wolfe in his weight loss program, but he didn't do as well by the orchids. 
  20. Usually he visits the old brownstone in a professional capacity. Once, when he decided that would be too suspicious he came to borrow a recipe from Fritz.

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