1. Nero Wolfe went to a cocktail party disguised as a famous man. What did he wear? What did he do at the party? Why did he go? ***** He wore a Santa Claus suit and tended bar! He did this to check up on Archie's announced engagement.
  2. "I will not say that to him a woman was more important than a sauce - he could not be accused of ever neglecting a sauce - but he had a warm eye for women." Who has a warm eye? ***** Marko Vukcic
  3. This man's wife and children disappeared. He never asked Wolfe to find them. He didn't even seem to notice they were gone! ***** Saul Panzer - who started out with a wife and children in Brooklyn and suddenly became a Manhattan bachelor!
  4. The orchid nurse. ***** Theodore Horstmann
  5. She died a violent death within sight of the mountain. ***** Carla Lovchen Wolfe Britton
  6. Where are Nero Wolfe's houses? ***** West 35th Street and Egypt
  7. When he is astonished he may say "Jesus H. Moses!" I hate to tell you this, but he puts vinegar on things. ***** Fred Durkin
  8. "The man about the chair. " He always sits in the red chair. ***** Inspector L. T. Cramer
  9. He has a sneaking suspicion that Archie might have made a good cop. He never sits in the red chair. ***** Sergeant Purley Stebbins
  10. You think Wolfe doesn't like women? Why, he reeked of her perfume! ***** Lily Rowan
  11. "His is the only desk in a room about nine by twelve, and that's just as well because otherwise there would be no place for his feet, which are also about nine by twelve." ***** Lon Cohen
  12. What is Dol Bonner's first name? ***** Theodolinda
  13. How did Lily Rowan's father make his fortune? ***** Sewer building and a little road paving - he was a Tammany Hall district leader.
  14. He is a successful author but I've never seen him write. He seems to have no dealings with his agent, publishers or editors, or to do any book promotion. As far as I know no articles appear about him in connection with his writings. He doesn't even seem to get royalties! ***** Archie Goodwin
  15. He is the only person except Marko who ever diverted a woman's attention from Archie. ***** Nathaniel Parker. The girl, incidentally, died, but not before appealing to Archie for help. Had she stuck with him, I doubt she would have been left in the lobby.
  16. "Clarence and Merton and Isabel and Melinda and Patricia …Well….I guess I told you the most important ones. The others are just tots." Who are they? ***** Archie's fictitious children
  17. Nero Wolfe's favorite jogging partner. ***** Fritz Brenner
  18. Archie's bete noire. If and when Archie is offered a choice of going to heaven or hell, he'll merely ask, "Where's ______________?" ***** Lieutenant George Rowcliff 
  19. What pets live in the old brownstone?He was a wonderful help to Wolfe in his weight loss program, but he didn't do as well by the orchids. ***** Fritz's turtle, Theodore's parakeets, and briefly, the dog Blackie (aka Jet or Bootsie).
  20. Usually he visits the old brownstone in a professional capacity. Once, when he decided that would be too suspicious he came to borrow a recipe from Fritz.  ***** Doc Vollmer

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