Rupperts Beer EVENT SCHEDULE: 

  • BRUNCH:  11AM to 1PM (approximate end time). We will meet AT COLUMBUS TAVERN
  • EXHIBIT:  (followed by Beer Hall) 1PM (approximate start) to 5PM (NYHS' Sunday Closing Time). If you want to skip the brunch, just meet us at the entrance.

Following a wonderful brunch and beer quiz at Columbus Tavern, the Wolfe Pack explored the history of Mr. Wolfe's favorite beverage at the New York Historical Society. This exhibit surveyed the social, economic, political, and technological history of the production and consumption of beer, ale, and porter in the city from the seventeenth century to the present. It included media advertisements from the archives of some of New York's many breweries with Jimmy Hoffa and other notables touting specific brands. Following the tour, most of us stopped off for a beer and pretzel at the the Exhibit's Beer Hall.