Test your Wolfean vocabulary skills. All the words appear in the Corpus.

  Question Match these answers
1 to turn, reel or prance a acarpus
2 biologically defective b adventitious
3 swollen or protuberant on one side c analeptic
4 sterile d apodictical
5 The right to use and enjoy the profits and advantages of something belonging to another as long as the property is not damaged or altered in any way. e assidictical
6 bombastic, pretentious talk f brachycephalic
7 nonchalance or lack of concern g caracole
8 trickery h casuistry
9 recklessly dangerous i chit
10 to be called or named j chouse
11 conspicuous for bad quality or taste k churlish
12 accidental l consilience
13 a snare m contumelious
14 strip off the skin n dolichocephalic
15 immature or childish o dysgenic
16 a person who has little wit or understanding p egregious
17 absolutely certain q excoriate
18 concurrence r flummery
19 stimulating or restorative s gibbosity
20 an empty compliment or foolish, deceptive language t gullery
21 diligence u insouciance
22 evade the truth by trivial objections v intrigante
23 foolish, idle talk w lamia
24 subtle reasoning intended to mislead x obreptitious
25 having a short, broad head y plerophory
26 insolently abusive z puerile
27 a cheat or swindler aa quibble
28 having a long head bb quixotic
29 a person likened to a child cc recondite
30 idealistic without regard to practicality dd rodomontade
31 not easily understood ee springe
32 vulgar ff subdolous
33 a female plotter gg subreption
34 fullness hh temerarious
35 sly, crafty, cunning ii twaddle
36 calculated misrepresentation through concealment of fact jj usufruct
37 a female vampire kk whitling
38 done or obtained by surprise; with secrecy, or by concealment of the truth ll yclept

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