Name the Corpus title suggested by each clue

    1. Not on the prix fixe menu.
    2. When your diet calls for dry toast.
    3. Where Burke's Peerage gets its data.
    4. Your sound system crashes.
    5. Humorist Rogers's grave.
    6. Makes April fools of us all.
    7. Found at any chili contest.
    8. You'll never hear this on "The Practice".
    9. Not Y2K, but Why, K?
    10. Guaranteed to frustrate Garfield.
    11. A ponytail necessity.
    12. How's your DNA?
    13. Quincy's theme song.
    14. Today.
    15. Where curses and chicks end up.
    16. Not a sequel of getting shot.
    17. Sneezer's plea.
    18. To kill or not to kill - - it's your choice.
    19. Mea culpa, mea culpa.
    20. The ultimate credit deal.

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