Total: 100 points. Each question is worth four points unless otherwise noted

Questions from Death of a Dude

  1. On Mr. Wolfe's first full day at Lily's Montana ranch, he and Archie enjoyed a picnic. What was the name of the body of water where they dined?
    Berry Creek
  2. The second time Mr. Wolfe picnicked at this spot, what jewelry was he wearing that was worthy of note? 
    Emerald Cuff Links the Size of Robins' Eggs (worth $35,000)
  3. What did Mr. Wolfe drink on the first occasion?  beer
  4. When Archie was in Jail, Lily sent him a "picnic snack." It consisted of 12 food items as well as utensils, etc. Name as many of the 12 as you can. (48 points)
    Pineapple, plums, caviar, milk, bananas, potato salad, deviled eggs, chicken, cheese, pate de foie gras, huckleberry pie.

Answers from Please Pass the Guilt questions

  1. Archie "enjoys" a picnic with a comely female employee of CAN. Name her:  Sylvia Venner
  2. The picnic is on board a boat on a body of water. Name the body of water. Long Island Sound
  3. What was the purpose of the trip?  Fishing
  4. During lunch, the lady initiates an interesting discussion on words and their origin. What are the first letters of the two words she selects? (2 points each)  P and V
  5. (Bonus) What does she drink? (10 points)  Four Root Juice

Answers from Fourth of July Picnic questions

  1. Mr. Wolfe is asked to give a speech to what union in this story? (Initials are acceptable.) United Restaurant Workers of America (URWA)
  2. While driving Mr. Wolfe and Flora Korby to Culp's Meadows, what did Archie do to annoy Mr. Wolfe? Drive with One Hand
  3. What did Philip Holt promise to do if Mr. Wolfe gave the speech? Not to try and get Fritz to join the URWA (Fritz was a consultant at Rusterman's)
  4. Mr. Wolfe does something very unusual in this story (Archie says it was only the fifth time in his memory). What is it?  Cut short his afternoon orchid session
  5. Mr. Wolfe and Archie leave their home to avoid the police. Where do they go? To Saul's Apartment
  6. At the picnic only one food item, and one not usually associated with a picnic, is mentioned. What is it? Snails

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