Part I

1. One of nine children, Rex Stout was born in _______ but grew up in _______.

2. He first came to national attention for having invented a _______ system for use by _______ .

3. During World War II, Stout served as chairman of the ______________.

4. He was also later head of the _____________ and the _________ Writers of America.

5. He testified more than once before Congress on _______ issues, but is said to have ignored a subpoena from the _________________.

6. Most of the Nero Wolfe short stories were originally published in magazine form, most often in _________________.

7. Stout outraged the Baker Street Irregulars by contending that ___________ was a _________.

8. He is the subject of Rex Stout: A Biography by ____________.

9. His papers are archived at the manuscript library of _____________.

10. Stout once said that his own favorite mystery writer was _______ , best-known as author of the _______ stories.


Match these Wolfe stories to the settings where at least part of the story takes place:

Wolfe Stories

1. Too Many Cooks
2. The Black Mountain
3. Death of a Dude
4. "Too Many Detectives"
5. "Fourth of July Picnic"
6.  Murder by the Book
7. "Not Quite Dead Enough"
8.  Fer-de-Lance
9. The Final Deduction
10. In the Best Families


A. Montana
B. Washington, D.C.
C. Albany, New York
D. Long Island, New York
E. White Plains, New York
F. Los Angeles, California
G. Texas and Norway
H. Italy and Montenegro
I. Kanawha Spa, West Virginia
J. Katonah, New York

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