Clue Victim / Title
1. Word processor

In: If Death Ever Slept

2. Writer's block Publisher
In: Help Wanted: Male
3. Hot to trot Horseman
In: Bullet for One 
4. Often found in _________________ Writer solitary confinement
In: The Doorbell Rang
5. Key Met player Opera Singer
In: The Gun With Wings
6. Recipient of hand-me-downs Heiress
In: Prisoner’s Base
7. Provider of brilliant _________________ understandings Shoeshine Man
In: Kill Now – Pay Later
8. The epitome of good taste Restaurateur
In: The Black Mountain
9. Perfect in step – or in step-ins Chorus Girl
In: Death of a Doxy
10. For whom the bells toll Operator
In: The Next Witness

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