Use the clues to identify an instrument or method of murder used in one of the Nero Wolfe Books.

Clue: Instrument or Method

  1. What Wolfe often does to food
    scarf in Not Quite Dead Enough and/or Disguise for Murder
  2. Might be called brut force
    brut force champagne in Champagne for One
  3. Cold War leftover
    vodka bottle in Blood Will Tell  
  4. How to keep from being bugged
    fumigation in Door to Death
  5. Could have been the first deadly deed
    snakebite in Fer-de-Lance
  6. Mr. Clinton's social group?
    billy club in A Right to Die
  7. A truly ghostly weapon
    Marley in Might as Well be Dead
  8. This one's a shocker
    plug cord in The Next Witness
  9. Fe, fi, fo, fum - not a place to put your tongue
    iron pipe in Murder is Corny
  10. Protective rider
    shotgun in Where There's a Will
  11. Let there be light - and air
    window pole in Man Alive
  12. Campers' treasure
    firewood in Immune to Murder

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