Everyone knows Wolfe, Archie, and Fritz but can you at identify the lesser-known recurring characters in the Corpus? At the 2002 Halloween event each participant was given the name tag of a character that isn't a regular but appears at least three times in Corpus. The name tag was attached to the participant's back and he or she had to ask questions to learn the character's name. See if you can identify the following characters.

Questions Answers
1. 200 pounds and not fat but will be in five years Bill Gore
2. A little plump, a little short, and bald in the front ADA Irving Mandel(baum)
3. Dines at the Brownstone twice a year Lewis Hewitt
4. Drinks rum and Coke Sally Colt (Corbett)
5. Fills in for Theodore Andy Krasicki
6. Given the choice between heaven and hell, Archie will ask, “Where is ______?” Lt. George Rowcliff
7. Has a scar on his check Del (Larry) Bascom
8. Has short legs Dr. Edwin Vollmer
9. Has the meanest smile with the possible exception of Boris Karloff Lt. Con Noonan
10. Has wavy lips Orrie Cather
11. Head of the Westchester County detectives Ben Dykes
12. His eyes were intended for a shark but there was an error on the assembly line Arnold Zeck
13. Keeps a hairbrush in desk Lon Cohen
14. Looks like a Princeton boy with his face washed Johnny Keems
15. Puts vinegar on things Fred Durkin
16. Same age as Archie Theodolinda (Dol) Bonner
17. Thinks Archie would have made a good cop if he had been caught in time Sergeant Purley Stebbins
18. Too well-known for undercover assignments Ruth Brady
19. Was murdered in the South Room Pierre Ducos
20. Waiter then maitre d'hotel at Rusterman's Felix Martin Mauer Courbet
21. Wolfe considers him a disagreeable noise Police Commissioner Hombert
22. Wolfe takes him to a World Series baseball game Phillip Pierre Mondor
23. Wolfe willingly shakes hands with him Nathaniel Parker (Henry George Parker)
24. Works at the morgue Sergeant Donovan
25. Would have lost his job but for Wolfe pulling him out of a bad hole New York DA Dick Morley

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