1. What does Wolfe think of starlings, grilled with lots of fresh tarragon and just a touch of saffron, served on hot polenta? They may possibly be edible, but in the 1953 Birch-Drossos-Fromm murder case, which Archie wrote up as The Golden Spiders, he was in no humor to risk it.
2. About how many orchids are there in Wolfe's roof-top plant rooms? Ten thousand.
3. How did Wolfe acquire the only black orchids on the planet? They were bred by Louis Hewitt. Wolfe acquired them by solving a murder case and keeping Hewitt's name and walking stick out of it.
4. Wolfe considers the famous bouillabaisse of Marseilles to be “mere belly-fodder, ballast for a stevedore” in comparison with what? The bouillabaisse of New Orleans.
5. Wolfe is fond of wild thyme honey; where does his come from? Greece and Syria.
6. Near the beginning of the Cheney Boone murder case, related by Archie in The Silent Speaker, Wolfe and Archie have a luncheon in which a particular item—call it X—is served in three successive courses: X with breaded fresh pork tenderloin, X with a hot sauce of tomatoes and cheese, and X with honey. What is X? Corn cakes.
7. At the conclusion of that same case, someone gave Wolfe a gift.
a) Who gave it? 
b) What was it?

a) Inspector Cramer.
b) a single Brassocattleya thorntoni orchid plant with two flowers.
8. As a rule, Archie eats about half as much as Wolfe—four ears of corn vs. eight, for example. But there are a few dishes with which he stays “neck and neck with Wolfe clear to the tape.” He names one. What is it? Beef marrow dumplings.
9. One of Wolfe's most honored rules is never to allow anything to interfere with his orchid schedule. Nevertheless on one memorable occasion in 1961, acting on a food-related clue, he cut his plant session short by half an hour. Why? To intercept a booby-trapped consignment of corn.
10. Name as many dishes as you can that are rarely or never served in the famous brownstone. Baked beans; eels; fried chicken (it was served during the Birch-Drossos-Fromm business); fried eggs; fried potatoes; rye bread; and, until Maryella Timms taught Wolfe and Fritz how to make hash properly—with chitlins and onion juice—corned beef.

Define the following words from the corpus

11. abditory n. a hiding place
12. apodictical a. self-evident; intuitively true; evident beyond contradiction
13. boniface n. an innkeeper or restaurateur
14. concupiscence n. lust; strong sexual desire
15. flatigious a. shamefully wicked; scandalous
16. obreptitious a. done or obtained by surprise; with secrecy
17. pother n. a commotion or fuss
18. sennight n. a week [archaic]
19. subdolous a. sly; crafty, cunning; artful
20. usufruct n. the right to enjoy the use and advantages of another's property short of the destruction or waste of its substance.


21. What is, or who are, Denovo, Dondero, & Iacono? Not a law firm. They are three women who figure in The Father Hunt (Amy Denovo), Murder By The Book (Sue Dondero), and "Poison A La Carte" [in Three At Wolfe's Door] (Helen Iacono).
22. Archie stopped dating a beautiful woman named Sue so that another man—call him X—could pursue her. Who was X? And what was Sue's last name? X was Marko Vukcic; Sue was Sue Dondero of the previous question.
23. Archie's account of the Philip Holt murder case, which he relates as “Fourth Of July Picnic” in And Four To Go, begins with him driving Wolfe and Flora Korby out to Culp's Meadows on Long Island. During the ride, what does Archie do with his right arm, and why? He rests it on Flora's shoulders because he believes that when he drives with one hand the ride is “more thrilling” for Wolfe.
24. What languages does Wolfe speak? Albanian, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Montenegrin, Serbo-Croat, and Spanish. If dead languages count, we should probably add Latin to the list as well.
25. There is something—call it X—that Wolfe describes as “a vestige of barbarism.” What is X? Music.
26. By what time does Fritz usually have Archie's breakfast ready? 8:10 a.m.
27. Who is Sol Feder and why should we care about him? He is a friend or acquaintance of Archie and/or Wolfe who helps clients avoid being tailed. If you go to Sol at the Feder Paper Company at 535 West Seventeenth Street and tell him your name is Montgomery, he'll take you via a back passage to Eighteenth Street where you will find a taxicab waiting—either at the curb or double-parked—with a handkerchief tied to its door handle, Herb Aronson behind the wheel, and Archie in the back seat.
28. According to Archie, writing in 1973, what is “the best spot in the metropolitan area at four o'clock on a Saturday afternoon in June”? An upper box at Shea Stadium.
29. What do these ten numbers have in common: 506, 618, 902, 909, 914, 918, 919, 922, 924, 938? At one time or another each of them has been given as the street address of the brownstone on West Thirty-fifth Street.
30. Two of the numbers in the previous question really shouldn't be on the list. Which ones, and why not? 909 and 919. They are odd numbers, which means they are on the north side of West Thirty-fifth Street. The brownstone, however, must be on the south side of the street because the passageway behind it leads to West Thirty-fourth Street.

Alternative answer: 506 and 618. They may be real addresses. The others are impossible; they'd be somewhere in the North River.

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