1. Give the full name, as far as known, of the following people:
  a. The Chief Inspector of Homicide
  b. His top sergeant
  c. The lieutenant whom Archie dislikes
  d. Wolfe's chef
  e. Wolfe's orchid man up in the plant rooms
  f. Wolfe's cleaning man
  g. The owner of Wolfe's favorite restaurant
  h. Archie's girl friend
  i. The three freelance detectives Wolfe uses regularly
  j. Wolfe's Lawyer
  k. Archie's contact at the New York Gazette
  l. The doctor that Wolfe uses
  m. Wolfe's adopted daughter
2. Wolfe occasionally used two other (male) detectives besides the usual three.
  a. what are their names?
  b. One of them gets killed.  In what way and in which story?
3. What are the names of the two female detectives Wolfe dealt with at times?
  a. One of these has a whole book to herself.  What is its title?
4. The Homicide Inspector mentioned above also is the protagonist in his own book.  What is its title?
5. The killer in one of the stories has the same last name as one of the "regulars" (mentioned in Question 1).
  a. What is his full name?
  b. What is the name of his counterpart?
  c. In which story does he appear in?
6. There were two people, not regulars or government officials, who appeared in two stories each.
  a. Name each person
  b. Name the two stories in which each appeared
7. Wolfe's archenemy (a sort of Napoleon of crime, as Prof. Moriarity was to Sherlock Homes) appears in one story and is merely a phone caller in two others.  Name this person, and the three stories.
8. Give the full name of Wolfe's contact in London.
9. Give the full name of the Long Island orchid-grower who is mentioned in several of the stories.
  a. This man played a large part in one of the stories.  Which one?
10. What is the name of the cab driver that Archie used at times?

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