Bullet for One

“You're prejudiced about marriage,” I reproached him.
“I may try it myself someday. Look at Saul, staked down like a tent but absolutely happy.”

  1. Five days a week he walked on four legs instead of two. Name the rider and horse.
    Sigmund Keyes / Casanova
  2. The first masquerade disguised a killer as a victim and the second exposed him. Who is Hollywood's tailor to the forensic set?
    Cleever of Hollywood
  3. “Tell him I say he's a nincompoop.” Wolfe instructs Dorothy Keyes. Name the nincompoop.
    A lawyer named Donaldson, executor of the Keyes estate
  4. Miss Rooney changed her moniker from Annie to Audrey. Archie didn't approve of her choice. He felt it showed a lack in her Home to Roost

Home to Roost

“I also admit that Wolfe likes himself so well that he'll steal the throne on the Day of Judgment if they don't watch him.”

  1. Arthur Rackwell died of potassium cyanide. How was it administered? A vitamin capsule
  2. It was no secret that Henry Jameson Heath was trustee of a million dollar bail fund benefiting indicated Communists. Heath was indicted himself for Contempt of Congress.
  3. “Grab his cap and run—jump, damn it!” Archie hissed these urgent instructions to Bill Doyle
  4. Saul leads Mrs. Rockwell and Mr. Heath out of Central Park toward West 35th Street. Which entrance did they use? 86th Street
  5. An undercover FBI agent hurts Archie's feelings when she calls him a crummy little stooge trying to slip one over for his boss. Later she apologized over drinks at the Churchill Hotel.

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