General Knowledge
1. In what year was canned beer introduced - 1929, 1935 or 1941? 1935
2. Name beer's Japanese cousin. Saki, Brewed from rice without hops
3. Is hops an essential ingredient in brewing beer? No, it is a flavoring agent
4. Name the brewer who built Yankee Stadium. Jacob Ruppert
5. What reference book was designed by a brewer to end arguments? Guinness Book of Records
6. What percentage of beer is water - 89%, 92% or 96%? 92%
7. 7. The picture on a bottle of Sam Adams beer is of:
a) Sam Adams
b) John Adams
c) Paul Revere
d) Abigail Adams
e) Ben Franklin
(c) Paul Revere
8. Which of these grains are used in the brewing of beer?
(a) Barley
(b) Corn
(c) Rice
(d) Wheat
(e) All of the above
(f) None of the above
(e) All of the above. Barley malt is the main grain used to brew beer. Corn and rice are frequently used as adjunct ingredients in mass market beers.  Wheat is used to make wheat beer.
9. In which country did the style of beer known as stout originate”
(a) United States
(b) Ireland
(c) England
(d) German
(f) Czech Republic
(c) England. Although associated with Ireland's Guinness, this dark brew has its origins in17th Century England, where it was once known as Stout Porter. Stout was virtually unknown in rural Ireland when Arthur Guinness took over a dilapidated Dublin brewery in 1759. Guinness Brewery added the word stout to the beer's name in 1825.
10. Which of these is not an ingredient used in the brewing of beer?
(a) Malt
(b) Hops
(c) Yeast
(d) Water
(e) carbon dioxide
(e) Carbon dioxide is a by-product of fermentation
11. Which style of beer did Nero Wolfe imbibe?
(a) Stout
(b) Pale Ale
(c) Lager
(d) Wheat beer
(c) Lager. Lager was—and is-- the most popular style of beer produced in the U.S. and the kind most likely to be found in the detective's refrigerator.
12. Which ingredient has not been used to brew beer?
(a) Grains of Paradise
(b) Bog Myrtle
(c) Cocoa Beans
(d) Heather
(e) none of the above
(f) none of above
(g) none of the above have not been used. Grains of paradise, a spice, is used in certain Belgian ales as is Bog myrtle. Oysters have been used to make stout, although not common. Cocoa beans are used to make Sam Adams Chocolate Bock. Heather is used is make a Scottish brew.
13. Writing in the early 1930's, the hard-drinking American novelist Ernest Hemingway referred to this European nation's beer as the best in Europe apart from Germany's and Czechoslovakia's. What country was this? Spain
14. In Manet's 1882 painting "The Bar at the Folies-Bergeres," a beer bottle with a familiar symbol is clearly seen atop the counter. Today, the symbol is the same and the beer itself remains widely available throughout the world. What beer is it? Bass Ale
B. Wolfean Beer Lore
15. Who accepts Wolfe's offer of beer when he wants to prove he is “just human? Cramer
16. Who would rather choke down beer than admit to Wolfe he prefers straight rye? Fred Durkin
17. He limits himself to one dose during working hours because he once had four martinis to be sociable and missed an important point because of them. Archie
18. His usual drink is champagne. Saul Panzer
19. Accepts highballs and steaks in payment for information. Lon Cohen
20. Given his druthers, he chooses bourbon and water. Cramer
21. He keeps a bottle of rye in his bedroom closet. Archie (in the early books)
22. When Wolfe switched from bootleg beer to legal 3.2, he decided to reduce his daily intake to a mere 5 quarts or 12 bottles
23. Wolfe has his first beer of the day at what time? 11:00 a.m.
24. When Wolfe exceeds his quota, he's not above fudging the numbers. How does he cheat? Places empty bottles in waster paper basket
25. Only two beers are mentioned in the Corpus. Remmers and the disappointing   ________________. Remmers and the disappointing Schrierers
26. Wolfe picks up a glass and puts it down empty. How many swallows does it take to empty the glass? Five

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