Archie Goodwin Birthday Dinner
The Stout Room, Heartland Brewery, N.Y.C.
October 24, 2011

Some questions about our birthday boy (roughly in increasing order of difficulty)

Starting off ... can you identify ...
1. Archie's birthplace? Chillicothe, OH (Archie once stated he was the State Spelling Bee champion from Zanesville, OH)
2. Archie's favorite beverage? Milk
3. Archie's lady friend? Lily Rowan
4. Archie's lady friend's nickname for him? "escamillo"
5. Archie's baseball teams? The Giants (until they moved) and the Mets
A little tougher …
6. Archie's usual place to dance? The Flamingo Club
7. Archie's usual model of gun? Marley
8. Archie's most prized possession? An ostrich skin (brown) card case he received as a gift from Mr. Wolfe
9. Archie's favorite cab drivers? Herb Aronson and Al Goller
10. The make of the sedan Archie drives? Heron
Only a true Archie-phile would know …
11. The diner that Archie eats at when he doesn't want to eat at home? Al's Diner
12. The club that Archie visits when he's annoyed at Mr. Wolfe? Trick question: Archie isn't a member of any club
13. The location in the brownstone of Archie's bedroom? The north room on the third floor, front
14. The herb Archie cares for more than Mr. Wolfe does? Tarragon
15. How Archie answers the phone in the office? Until 6 p.m., "Nero Wolfe's office, Archie Goodwin speaking"

After 6 p.m., "Nero Wolfe's residence, Archie Goodwin speaking".
For our most attentive readers …
16. The evening each week that is Archie's poker night? Thursday
17. The number of hours Archie sleeps each night? Eight, or eight and one-half
18. Archie's salary in 1947? $150 per week
19. The full text of Wolfe's goodbye note to Archie? "AG,
Do not look for me.
My very best regards and wishes.
20. The number of men Archie has killed (that we know about)? At least four.
And can you tell us …
21. The names of at least five actors who have portrayed Archie in films or on TV? Lionel Stander, Gene Reynolds, Tom Mason, Lee Horsley, and Timothy Hutton
22. Why did Archie Goodwin have to change his name to publish a mystery story? Well-known comic-book and comic-strip writer/artist/editor Archie Goodwin submitted a mystery story to Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine in 1962; the magazine accepted it but told him he would have to choose a new pseudonym, as they did not believe that "Archie Goodwin" was his real name
23. For whom will Archie Goodwin be playing basketball next year? The University of Kentucky, where this Arkansas High School Senior will play Shooting Guard
24. When Archie dies, would he rather go to Heaven or to Hell? He'll ask which one Rowcliffe is in, and go to the other
25. What movie star might Archie resemble, according to Rex Stout? A young Humphrey Bogart

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