First line, last line

1. “The warrant for Wolfe’s arrest as a material witness is in a drawer of my desk where I keep souvenirs.”

ANSWER: C. Where There’s a Will (1940)

2. “Since it was the deciding factor, I might as well begin by describing it.  It was a pink slip of paper three inches wide and seven inches long, and it told the First National City Bank to pay to the order of Nero Wolfe one hundred thousand and 00/100 dollars….”

ANSWER: F. The Doorbell Rang (1965)

3. “The bell rang and I went to the front and there she was.  I said good morning.  ‘Pliz,’ she said, ‘I would like to see Misturr Nero Wolfe.’”

ANSWER: B. Over My Dead Body (1940)

4. “It was nothing out of the ordinary that [she] had made the appointment with her finger pressed to her lips.  That is by no means an unusual gesture for people who find themselves in a situation where the best they can think of is to make arrangements to see Nero Wolfe.”

ANSWER: D. In the Best Families (1950)

5. “He snorted.  ‘You’d better not.  We wouldn’t last a week.’  He rang for beer.”

ANSWER: E. Before Midnight (1955

6. “‘Archie.’  He nodded his head at me gravely.  ‘Your head full of ideas?  Even my death by violence is not too high a price for so rare and happy a phenomenon as that.’”

ANSWER: A. The League of Frightened Men (1935)

7. “Will you bring brandy, Archie?  And two glasses.  If Fritz is up, bring him and three glasses.  We’ll try to get some sleep.”

    ANSWER: G. A Family Affair (1975)

  1. The League of Frightened Men (1935)
  2. Over My Dead Body (1940)
  3. Where There’s a Will (1940)
  4. In the Best Families (1950)
  5. Before Midnight (1955)
  6. The Doorbell Rang (1965)
  7. A Family Affair (1975)

Number, number

  1. It typically took Rex Stout this number of days to write a Nero Wolfe novel.
  2. There were this number of Nero Wolfe novellas or short stories, not counting rewritten ones.
  3. In Death of a Doxy, the address of the Brownstone was Nine Hundred This Number West Thirty-Fifth Street.
  4. One of Archie’s favorite guns was a point this number caliber Marley.
  5. Saul Panzer lives in a remodeled fifth floor apartment on East This Number Street.
  6. Too Many Cooks was published in the year nineteen hundred this number.

Title teasers:    Each clue below suggests the title of a Nero Wolfe novel, short story, or collection.

  1. Drapes for one, venetian blinds for two, and …                                                   Curtains for Three
  2. An early misplay of the New York Mets led to …                                                    Three Men Out
  3. A vaccine can prevent diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis,
               but it won’t leave you …                                                                       “Immune to Murder”
  4. A foe of zombies might say that they are …                                               Not Quite Dead Enough
  5. Tonight’s New York Philharmonic program will not feature the …            Trio for Blunt Instruments
  6. If your graphing calculator is broken, you will just have to …                                   Plot It Yourself
  7. A salad sample below ground level.                                                                 Some Buried Caesar
  8. The Fifth Amendment doesn’t prohibit ….                                                               Triple Jeopardy
  9. Zeck’s scandals can erupt even …                                                                     In the Best Families
  10. You’ll be hearing from the EEOC if your classified ad begins …                        "Help Wanted, Male"
  11. Is this life-giving fluid going to tattle again?                                                          "Blood Will Tell"
  12. Rowcliff would describe an assembly of Wolfe, Goodwin, and Panzer as … "Too Many Detectives"

Corpus Cryptogram (by Mark Gorsetman)


“The Pickle. The alternative. You have made it clear that it would be futile to establish that the FBI killed that man. Very well, then we'll establish that they didn't.”

Wolfe to Archie from Chapter 5 of The Doorbell Rang

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