Wolfean thirty-fives:  Name the character and the book
1. At a trial, a jury awarded her one hundred and thirty five thousand dollars. Jane Ogilvy in Plot It Yourself
2. He was in the lobby of an office building from nine nineteen until twelve thirty-five Orrie Cather in Death of a Doxy
3. He caused more excitement in his one minute of dying than in his thirty-five years of living. Philip Brodell in Death of a Dude
4. She could come to Wolfe's house, because she had no matinee today, and it was only ten thirty-five. Meg Duncan in Too Many Clients
5. His horse, Casanova, emerged from Central Park, saddled but riderless, at seven thirty-five. Oliver Keyes in "Disguise for Murder"
The second Nero Wolfe novel, The League of Frightened Men, was published in 1935
6. In what magazine was The League of Frightened Men first serialized? The Saturday Evening Post
7. What city does Archie visit during the novel? Philadelphia
8. Archie describes what Mr. Wolfe calls the Anglo-Saxon theory of emotions and desserts.  What is that theory? "Freeze them and keep them in your belly"
9. How many blocks north of the brownstone must Archie walk to swap typewriters? Nine (from the brownstone on 35th Street to the Harvard Club on 44th Street)
10. In toto, how many men are murdered in this book? Just one
Some other questions from the early years
11. When Nero Wolfe decided he was overweight, what form of at-home exercise did he undertake, and what time of day did he do it? Throwing "javelins" (darts) from 3:45 to 4:00 p.m. each weekday
12. What did Clara Fox steal from the Seaboard Products Company office? Nothing (but she was falsely accused of taking $30,000 in cash)
13. In his youth, His Lordship the Marquis of Clivers sowed a few wild oats in the American west.  Under what name did he sow them? George Rowley
14. At the time of The Rubber Band, what was Mrs. Panzer's first name? Trick question: Archie describes Saul as a bachelor at this time
15. What, as of the time of Fer-de-Lance, was the brownstone's telephone number? BRyant 9 -2828
16. What did Mr. Wolfe give to Archie for a birthday present, and what was inscribed on each side of it? A gold-tooled ostrich skin wallet, with engraved cattelyas on one side and 52 Colt automatics on the other
17. What radio program did Mr. Wolfe rarely miss? "The Joy Boys"
Wolfe Meets Archie


Through what case did Mr. Wolfe meet Archie?

The Williamson kidnapping case


Name two authors who have recounted the history of this case….

Robert Goldsborough in Nero Wolfe Meets Archie (now available in print or e-book format); Charles E. Burns in "Firecrackers" (originally published in The Gazette and reprinted in the still-available anthology The Archie Goodwin Files)


… but when did Fritz claim there never was such a case?

In The Final Deduction, Fritz comments to Archie that Mr. Wolfe has never handled a kidnapping case

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