The Nero Race Quiz
The Nero Wolfe Race at Monmouth Park Racetrack, 2008

By Mike Riezenman


I. If you bet on a horse to Place or to Show, what must the horse do in order for you to collect on your bet?

II. What are a horse's parents called?

III. What is a "maiden race"?

IV. Put these odds in ascending order:   2:1, 11:7, 100:8, 5:1.

V. List the three races that make up American racing's "Triple Crown" in the order they are run, giving for each race: its name, racetrack, location, and length. 

VI. Name as many of the eleven triple crown winners as you can. 

VII. Who is the only jockey to have ridden two horses to victory in the Triple Crown?


VIII. When asked for his opinion on the likelihood of something happening, Archie prefers to give it in terms of odds, possibly suggesting a habit of betting on sporting events. Match these occurrences and odds:

1. In The Father Hunt, the odds that Cyrus M. Jarrett is Amy Denovo's father.

2. In Please Pass The Guilt, the likelihood that Amory Browning arranged for James T. Farquhar to lie to Archie.

3. In Death Of A Doxy, the chances, according to Saul Panzer, that Orrie Cather killed Isabel Kerr.

4. In "Poison À La Carte," the odds that Helen Iacono served the arsenic to Vincent Pyle.

5. In "Method Three For Murder," the odds that Mira Holt killed the woman found in her cab (later learned to be Phoebe Arden).


IX. We are in the midst of the fresh corn season. How does Nero Wolfe say it should be prepared? How much of  it does he eat at a sitting? What about Archie?

X. In what case does the delivery of corn to West 35th Street provide Wolfe with an important clue? (The nature of the clue will be accepted if you don't remember the name of the case.)

XI. In that case we learn that the residents of the brownstone on West 35th Street eat freshly picked corn once a week during the season. How does Wolfe define the corn season? What day of the week is Corn Day chez Wolfe?


XII. In the Sherlock Holmes case chronicled by Dr. John H. Watson as Silver Blaze: 

A. Who owned the horse Silver Blaze? 

B. What race was the case centered on?

C. Who killed Silver Blaze's trainer, John Straker?

D. What was the motive?

E. What did the dog do in the night-time?


XIII. How many shirts does Nero Wolfe wear in a day?

XIV. What color are they?

XV. At what time does Nero Wolfe eat lunch?

XVI. Which hours of the day does Wolfe spend up in the plant rooms?

XVII. Name the residents of the brownstone.

XVIII. What car marques has Wolfe owned over the years?

XIX. What is Inspector Cramer's first name?


XX. If you want to contact Nero Wolfe, what should you do?

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